Liquefied Natural Gas Income Tax

If you engage in or have income from liquefaction activities at an LNG facility in B.C., you pay LNG income tax on your net income and net operating income from liquefaction activities beginning January 1, 2017. You may have to pay the tax even if you aren't a Canadian resident or don't have a permanent establishment in B.C.

Tax Rates

The LNG income tax rates are:

On January 1, 2037, the tax rate on net income will increase to 5%. The tax rate on net operating income will continue to be 1.5%.

Useful Contacts

For general questions about B.C.'s LNG Income Tax:


LNG Income Tax Regulations

These regulations provide more information about the cost of notionally acquired natural gas, bonds, the natural gas tax credit amount and more.

A Fair Return for British Columbians

Learn more about B.C.'s LNG income tax framework, including the design principles and how B.C. remains competitive.

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