Consenting to a Criminal Record Check Online

Applicant-Based Online Service

You can consent to a criminal record check using the online criminal record check service eCRC if:

  • The organization you volunteer with has registered (PDF) with the CRRP and enrolled (PDF) in the eCRC service, or
  • Your employer has enrolled (PDF) in the eCRC service

Ask your volunteer organization or employer to send you the web link and code to access the eCRC site where you can enter your personal data and consent to a criminal record check.

You can also share the results of previous criminal record checks conducted through eCRC.

The eCRC service will confirm your identity through Electronic Identity Verification (EIV).

For more information on the eCRC service, see the Guide (PDF, 1.43 MB).

Note:  CRRP draw down accounts cannot be used with eCRC.

Organization-Based Online Service

This online service is for organizations that have a BCeID account or an internal government IDIR ID account.

For organizations who want more information on the Organization-Based Online Service, see the Guide (PDF) and Service Agreement (PDF).

If you have a BCeID or an IDIR ID, sign in below.

Note: CRRP draw down accounts can be used with BCeID.

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