Road-Safety & Auto Crime Prevention

The Road Safety Unit (RSU) oversees the Enhanced Traffic Enforcement Program (ETEP), which is a partnership between the province, police and the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) that focuses on:

  • Reducing crashes caused by impaired driving, speeding, intersection violations, using electronic hand held devices, and not using proper restraints (such as seatbelts, child car seats, and booster seats)
  • Lowering the rate of auto crime
  • Addressing emerging road safety enforcement issues
  • Promoting public awareness

The enforcement program provides tools, technology and additional officers to help target problem areas or issues related to traffic safety.

B.C.'s road safety strategies are outlined in the Ministry of Justice 2015/16 - 2017/18 Service Plan (PDF).

The RSU publishes annual reports on traffic safety initiatives.

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Police Honours Night

The annual Police Honours Night recognizes police services members who have performed an exemplary service for British Columbians.

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