Respond to a Jury Summons

A jury summons is an order to attend court mailed to anyone who has been randomly selected from the provincial voters list which indicates that a person must appear at the courthouse on a specific date and time.

Receiving a jury summons does not mean you have been selected to serve as a juror.  The next step is to go to a jury selection where a screening process will determine the individuals selected as jurors for the trial.

When you receive a jury summons, you have a legal obligation to respond:

  • For a criminal trial, you must respond to a summons within 10 days
  • For a civil trial, you must respond within five days.

Your summons will indicate whether it’s a criminal or civil trial.

There are two ways to respond to a summons:

  • Online: Use the Court Services eResponse website – you will need to have your jury summons on hand to complete your online response.
  • By mail: Complete the jury certification form attached to your jury summons and mail it using the envelope provided

Respond to your Summons Online

Use the Court Services eResponse website to respond to your summons electronically.


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