Wood First Initiative

Creating a Culture of Wood

B.C. is home to one of the world’s most sustainable and globally competitive forest sectors. The Province’s Wood First Initiative aims to build on that reputation by promoting the use of B.C. wood products.

Maintaining B.C.'s forest sector leadership requires continuing innovation and effort to develop and diversify markets. The overall goal is to encourage a cultural shift toward viewing wood as the first choice for construction, interior design and daily living.

Wood is durable, cost-effective and climate friendly. Through its Wood First program, the Province encourages the forest industry, researchers and design professionals to explore innovation in B.C.'s built environment and through value-added wood products, helping to grow local and global markets, while promoting climate-friendly construction and supporting our forest-dependent communities.

To support implementation of the Wood First Initiative, Government has passed the Wood First Act.

Why Build With Wood

  1. Wood is sourced locally. Building with wood supports our economy and local communities.
  2. Wood is strong, lightweight and flexible. Wood building systems have been proven to be seismically safe.
  3. Wood is organic, sustainable, natural, and renewable.
  4. Wood is visually appealing, warm and inviting, versatile and durable.
  5. Wood buildings are easy to renovate, expand and adapt to changing uses.
  6. Using wood can limit climate change due to the reduced energy required to create wood building products and through carbon storage in the wood itself.