SCRAP-IT Program

The SCRAP-IT Program is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality by getting older vehicles off the road.

The program offers qualifying vehicle owners incentives to scrap their older vehicles. The incentive values are based on the greenhouse gas reduction that occurs when an old vehicle is scrapped and an incentive is used as a replacement.

Incentives are offered to support the purchase of:

  • A low emission vehicle
  • Transit passes
  • Credit with a car sharing organisation
  • A new bicycle

SCRAP-IT is currently offering an electric vehicle-specific incentive. If you retire any old vehicle and purchase an electric vehicle, you will get:

  • $3,000 from the SCRAP-IT Program
  • $250 point-of-sale discount from a participating dealership

This $3,250 incentive may be combined with any other electric vehicle incentive including those offered by the CEVforBCTM program.