Public Sector Leadership

B.C.'s Ministry of Energy and Mines has a sustainability-minded team of individuals dedicated to bringing the ministry to the Carbon Neutral Standard set forth by British Columbia. Known as the Green Team, this group pilots projects within the ministry with one goal: to reduce the Ministry's impact on the natural environment.

Our Leadership

The Green Team believes that leading by example will encourage the public to make changes in their daily lives to reduce their carbon footprint. Green Team members focus primarily on influencing ministry staff behaviour and implement creative projects designed to reduce the ministry's emissions and energy consumption.

By nature of our business in B.C.'s Ministry of Energy and Mines, we have to respect the resources we consume, and search for ways to maximize value and use from non-renewable resources. Above all, we have to encourage sustainable practices that reduce our impact on the planet.

Our Vision

  • To work with employees to create and foster a culture of conservation, innovation and engagement in the ministry and across government.
  • To focus on reducing the Ministry's environmental footprint in terms of energy, waste and transportation.

Our Climate Action

There are many opportunities for reducing an organization's environmental footprint. Employees regularly approach us with suggestions for how we can "green" our meetings, operations and personal behaviour. Below are just some of the projects we have initiated since January 2008.

1. Energy Conservation

  • We have retrofitted lighting on four floors of our Victoria building, and are monitoring energy reduction on two of those floors where dimming ballasts or individual light switches have been installed.
    • Dimming ballasts and occupancy sensors were installed on one floor. The ballasts dim the lights when it is bright outside, reducing energy consumption.
    • Individual light switches were installed in every employees workstation on another floor, giving each employee the power to turn their lights off when daylight is sufficient or when they are away from their desk.

2. Waste Reduction

  • Multiple ministries teamed up to launch a 7-Stream Waste Diversion Initiative in our Victoria building.
  • Employees can compost or recycle everything from coffee cups to polyethylene, from plastic bags to milk cartons.

3. Transportation

  • Reducing emissions from business travel by encouraging the use of remote meeting technologies.
  • Reduce emissions from personal commuting and in-town meetings.
  • Providing bus tickets, fully equipped bicycles and a plug-in hybrid vehicle for employees' in-town meeting commuting, reducing taxi and single occupancy vehicle use. It is our goal to make it easy for employees to use low-carbon travel options so that they can experience the benefits firsthand.
  • Encouraging participation in Bike to Work Week, and supporting it by organizing group rides to and from work, celebration events, and prizes for participating employees.