Electricity & Business

There are over 75 facilities in B.C. that generate electricity. Independent power producers generate about 20% of B.C.'s electricity needs, and will continue to play an important role in B.C.'s electricity system.

Doing Business in the Electricity Sector

A robust, competitive market for electricity will help reduce long term costs, create jobs and meet environmental goals. As the primary supplier of electricity in British Columba, BC Hydro relies on a variety of independent power producers to meet B.C.'s energy needs and growth.

Industrial Electricity Rates

The cost of electricity is an important part of the cost of doing business.

Industrial Electricity Policy Review

The Province reviewed British Columbia’s industrial electricity policy to be ready for future industrial development.

B.C.'s 10 Year Plan for BC Hydro

The B.C. government has created a 10 Year Plan for BC Hydro that is intended to improve infrastructure while keeping electricity rates as low as possible.

First Nations Clean Energy Business Fund

The B.C. government is promoting increased Aboriginal community participation in the clean energy sector within their asserted traditional territories and treaty areas.

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