Domestic Marketing

B.C.’s agriculture, food and seafood industry is the most diverse in Canada and it is growing. Our agrifoods businesses produce more than 200 agriculture commodities, 100 seafood species and over 1500 companies produce processed food products. There are many options for selling and marketing these products within British Columbia.

Building connections with other agrifoods businesses and organizations can open up new marketing opportunities. Check out the resources to the right, to start building connections.

Market Intelligence & Advisory Services

Market intelligence provides B.C. based agrifoods businesses with current and timely information about the domestic market.  The B.C. government provides analysis and reports on B.C. agrifoods markets.

Marketing Workshops

Access information and business tools to improve marketing efforts.

Buy Local Program

The B.C. government is expanding the Buy Local program with an additional $2 million to help B.C. farmers and food processors promote their products, and support food security in B.C.

Marketing Guides

Marketing can help secure sales, generate profits and grow your business. These marketing how-to guides provide tips and best practices for B.C. agrifood and seafood businesses to expand marketing knowledge. Learn how to use market research, improve your sales pitch, sell your product to retailers and develop an e-commerce plan.

Planning Your Marketing

Marketing is vital to the overall success of a business. Having a plan to sell agrifoods or seafood products is important.  

Farm Business Advisory Services and funding are available to help with writing a business and marketing plan.

There are several programs that may help B.C. agrifoods producers and processors identify opportunities: