Growing Forward 2

Growing Forward 2 is a five-year federal-provincial-territorial policy framework for Canada’s agriculture and agrifood sector. It is the basis for coordinated, cost-shared programs to help the sector become more competitive and innovative.

In British Columbia, the federal and provincial governments will invest an estimated $427 million in Growing Forward 2 from 2013-2018.

Programs cover the following key areas:

Business Risk Management 

Business Risk Management programs ensure farmers are protected against severe market volatility and disaster situations. 


The government innovation programs aim to transform ideas into new and sustainable solutions for the agrifood sector.

Competitiveness and Market Development 

Competitiveness and Market Development programs aim to create and expand market-based opportunities and provide the knowledge and tools for agri-businesses to compete at home and abroad.

           Facilitate business development in domestic and international markets to conduct
           market research and planning activities necessary to take advantage of new market

Current and timely market information to support business development in domestic and international markets.

Funding for international market development activities.

The Interim On-Farm Food Safety Audit Program provides reimbursement for first time certification in On-Farm Food Safety Programs. 

Cost share programs to support B.C. producers implementing food safety and traceability practices.

Cost share programs to support B.C. processors implementing food safety and traceability practices.

Education and awareness of food safety practices, as well as activities to identify and analyze new and emerging food safety hazards.

A series of projects supporting the surveillance of plant diseases, animal diseases, and invasive plants, and the implementation of on-farm biosecurity plans.

Funding to agriculture organizations and associations to increase industry knowledge and awareness of traceability.

Registration of livestock and poultry premises in BC Premises Identification Program in support of National Agriculture and Food Traceability System.

Classroom training and on-farm experiences with current livestock and poultry production practices in British Columbia.

Partnership with the BC Farm Animal Care Council to identify priority animal welfare issues, and develop and implement activities to address the issues. 

Adaptability and Industry Capacity 

These programs support farms and agri-businesses to increase profitability, and effectively anticipate and manage challenges and risks.

  • Industry Capacity Building

A series of activities designed to improve the agrifood sector’s ability to efficiently and effectively access program information and financial resources.

Supports farm operations to complete agri-environmental risk assessments.

Financial incentives to implement actions identified in on-farm environmental action plans.

A technical information program designed to support sustainable agriculture practices through evaluation, monitoring and beneficial management practice development.

Agriculture appropriate community and industry sector planning for environmental emergencies due to floods, fires and extreme weather.


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