Environmental Emergencies Planning

The Environmental Emergencies Planning Program will use existing ministry emergency response teams and industry experts to help agriculture sectors and communities develop agriculture specific emergency planning resources.

The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for managing a broad range of risks, including business risk; plant, animal and fish health; food safety; and emergency response. Ministry programming promotes a comprehensive approach to risk management based on a need for having sound systems and practices in place in all priority risk areas that encompass planning, mitigation, surveillance and monitoring, and response and recovery.

The Ministry of Agriculture provides advice to farmers on the protection of crops and livestock and provides support in the coordination of the emergency relocation and care of poultry and livestock during an emergency. The Ministry assists agricultural producers with the following in the event of an emergency:

  • Ensuring the safety of all responders during times of crisis
  • Minimizing loss (human, livestock, and infrastructure) to agricultural sectors from major emergencies and disasters
  • Assisting agricultural sectors in continuing daily operations during emergencies
  • Reducing the economic consequences of emergencies and disasters affecting agriculture within the province

This program is internal to the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture. Funds are allocated to projects identified by staff working in conjunction with other government agencies and industry partners.