Nutrient Management Reference Guide

The Nutrient Management Reference Guide is for planners and agricultural producers in British Columbia who would like to do a Nutrient Management Plan for their farm:

Developing a Nutrient Management Plan is intended to help farmers optimize their crop nutrient usage, while protecting valuable soil, water, and air resources. In addition to the economic and environmental benefits, nutrient management planning is a valuable educational process that helps ensure a farmer is aware of relevant legislation.

The Nutrient Management Plan has been developed as a sub-component of the Environmental Farm Plan process. It is recommended that farmers first do an Environmental Farm Plan and then do a Nutrient Management Plan if directed to do so by the Environmental Farm Plan process. This guide is one of a number of publications prepared to support the implementation of the Canada - BC Environmental Farm Plan Program.

Environmental Farm Plan

Environmental farm planning helps producers identify both environmental strengths and potential risks on their farms.

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