Agriculture Water

Approximately 3% of water licensed in British Columbia is for consumptive uses such as industrial, commercial, drinking water or agriculture. Certainty of access to water is crucial for agricultural development and food security in the province. This includes reserving water for the 4.7 million hectares of agricultural lands in British Columbia.

Agriculture Water Management

It is imperative that we manage the essential agriculture water allocation in the most efficient manner possible.

There are a number of agriculture water management strategies and projects being undertaken in British Columbia.

Drought Planning

Agriculture producers in the province must plan and prepare for emergencies that may occur and can including drought.


Many publications are available to agricultural producers to manage their water use in an effective and environmental manner, while increasing their production.

Financial Programs Available Involving Agriculture and Water

Producers may be eligible to apply for cost-sharing incentives under the Growing Forward Beneficial Management Practice Program.

Agriculture Water in B.C.


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