Policy Guidelines

Use these policy documents to understand the intent of the legislation so that you can present your dispute resolution case in way that’s relevant and logical.

  1. Landlord & Tenant – Responsibility for Residential Premises Jan-04 (PDF)

Landlord and tenant responsibilities for maintenance, cleaning and repairs of residential property and manufactured home parks

  1. Ending a Tenancy Agreement: Good Faith Requirement Mar-12 (PDF)

When a landlord can end a tenancy in order to change the use of the residential unit or manufactured home park site

  1. Claims for Rent and Damages for Loss of Rent Jun-04 (PDF)

Situations when a landlord can hold a tenant liable for loss of rent after the end of a tenancy agreement

  1. Liquidated Damages Jan-04 (PDF)

A clause in a fixed-term tenancy agreement that requires the tenant to pay to end the tenancy early

  1. Duty to Minimize Loss Jan-04 (PDF)

The legal obligation of tenants and landlords to minimize financial loss when a tenancy agreement is breached

  1. Right to Quiet Enjoyment Jan-04 (PDF)

The tenant’s right to quiet enjoyment of the property or unit they are renting

  1. Locks and Access Jan-04 (PDF)

Legal rights and obligations for landlords and tenants regarding entry or access to a rental unit

  1. Unconscionable and Material Terms Oct-11 (PDF)

Deals with material terms in a tenancy agreement or terms that are grossly unfair

  1. Tenancy Agreements and Licenses to Occupy Jan-04 (PDF)

Distinguishes a tenancy agreement from a license to occupy

  1. Bias and Conflict of Interest Jan-04 (PDF)

What happens when a party claims that a dispute resolution arbitrator is in a conflict of interest or is biased

  1. Amendment and Withdrawal of Notices Jan-04 (PDF)

Amending or withdrawing the Notice to End Tenancy and the Notice of Rent Increase

  1. Service Provisions Mar-16 (PDF)

How legal documents or orders must be served according to the Residential Tenancy Act and the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act

  1. Rights and Responsibilities of Co-tenants Jan-04 (PDF)

The rights and responsibilities of multiple tenants renting a property together under one tenancy agreement

  1. Type of Tenancy: Commercial or Residential Jan-04 (PDF)

How arbitrators determine if a tenancy is residential or commercial

  1. Summons to Attend or Produce Evidence Oct-15 (PDF)

What happens when a person is summoned to testify or provide evidence for a dispute resolution hearing

  1. Claims in Damages Jun-14 (PDF)

The different types of claims that can be made as part of a dispute resolution proceeding and the criteria arbitrators may consider when awarding damages

  1. Security Deposit and Set off Jan-16 (PDF)

The definition and context used for the term 'set-off' and how security deposits should be managed

  1. Use of Forms Jan-04 (PDF)

Whether an order can be issued based upon a previous form or a current one

  1. Assignment and Sublet Jan-04 (PDF)

Policies and issues related to assigning and subletting tenancy agreements

  1. Illegal Contracts Jan-04 (PDF)

When a property is rented that is not permitted under a statute

  1. Repair Orders Respecting Strata Properties Jan-04 (PDF)

An order requiring the landlord to make repairs to a rental unit that is also a strata property

  1. Termination or Restriction of a Service or Facility Jan-04 (PDF)

Conditions under which a landlord may terminate a service or facility enjoyed by a tenant

  1. Amending an Application for Dispute Resolution Oct-15 (PDF)

Circumstances under which an Application for Dispute Resolution may be amended

  1. Review Consideration of a Decision or Order Mar-16 (PDF)

Circumstances under which an application for review of an arbitrator's decision may be made

  1. Requests for Clarification or Correction of Orders or Decisions Jul-11 (PDF)

The power of residential tenancy arbitrators to clarify or correct decisions or orders

  1. Advocates, Agents and Assistants Sep-13 (PDF)

The role of advocates, agents and assistants in dispute resolution proceedings

  1. Jurisdiction Aug-13 (PDF)

The jurisdiction of residential tenancy arbitrators

  1. Pet Clauses Jan-04 (PDF)

How pet clauses can be used in residential tenancy agreements

  1. Security Deposits Jan-04 (PDF)

How security deposits are used and managed for residential tenancies

  1. Fixed Term Tenancies Feb-04 (PDF)

Fixed-term residential tenancy agreement information – especially as it relates to ending and renewing this type of agreement

  1. Pet Damage Deposits Jan-04 (PDF)

When pet damage deposits may be required, what they’re intended to cover and when the landlord can keep all or part of the deposit

  1. Illegal Activities Jan-04 (PDF)

What activities and circumstances are considered "illegal" and how this impacts a tenancy agreement

  1. Ending a Manufactured Home Tenancy Agreement – Landlord use of Property Jan-04 (PDF)

Ending a manufactured home tenancy so that the landlord can use the property for another purpose

  1. Frustration Jan-04 (PDF)

What happens when tenancy agreements become frustrated contracts and how this impacts a tenancy

  1. Transition – Security Deposits Mar-04 (PDF)

Information about security deposits and the transition between the old and the new Residential Tenancy Act

  1. Extending a Time Period Apr-04 (PDF)

The exceptional circumstances under which an arbitrator may extend or modify a time limit established by the Residential Tenancy Act or the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act

  1. Rent Increases Mar-12 (PDF)

Rent increases permitted under the Residential Tenancy Act and Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act

  1. Repeated Late Payment of Rent Apr-04 (PDF)

How a landlord can end a tenancy when a tenant is repeatedly late paying rent

  1. Direct Requests Oct-15 (PDF)

The key elements that need to be considered when making a direct request

  1. Useful Life of Building Elements Mar-12 (PDF)

The life span of specific building components (e.g. doors, windows, flooring, fences, appliances, etc.) used when arbitrators make decisions about additional rent increases or damage claims

  1. Administrative Penalties Jan-12 (PDF)

When and how administrative penalties are used

  1. Digital Evidence Jun-14 (PDF)

How to submit digital evidence

  1. Naming Parties Oct-15 (PDF)

How parties to dispute resolution should be named

  1. Format of Hearings Oct-15 (PDF)

Considerations when determining whether to schedule a hearing in a format other than by telephone conference call

  1. Adjourning and Rescheduling a Dispute Resolution Hearing Oct-15 (PDF)

Key considerations when determining whether to adjourn or reschedule a dispute resolution hearing

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