Fees & Fee Waivers

Applications for dispute resolution must be accompanied by an application filing fee or an Application to Waive Filing Fee.

Applicants may request that the respondent be ordered to reimburse them for the application filing fee.

Low income tenants may apply to the Residential Tenancy Branch to have the application filing fee waived

Here’s an overview of the new filing fees charged during the dispute resolution application process:

Filing Fee

Charged when…


Applicant is filing an Application for Dispute Resolution


Applicant is submitting an Application for Review Consideration

$300 (plus $10 per unit or manufactured home site to a maximum of $600)

Landlords filing an Application for an Additional Rent Increase (above the regulated limit)

How to Pay

Pay the application fee when you submit your application form:

Application Method

Payment Method

In person – Residential Tenancy Branch office

Credit or debit card, cash, certified cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance

In person – Service BC location

Debit card, cash or certified cheque payable to the Minister of Finance

By mail or courier

Money order payable to the Minister of Finance


Credit card
Visa Debit

Fee Waivers

Applicants with very low income can also apply to have the fee waived – details about who may qualify are on the application form:

Proof of income is also required for this process, this could include:

  • An income assistance statement
  • An employment insurance benefits statement
  • Pension statement(s)
  • Recent pay stub(s) from employer(s)
  • Bank statement(s) for the most recent 2 months, or
  • Scholarship statement(s)

Submit an application to waive filing fee to any Residential Tenancy Branch office or Service BC location.

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