FRIENDS Program in B.C. Schools

The FRIENDS program is designed to prevent anxiety, increase resilience and improve life skills in children. It’s an evidence-based international program that has been licensed for use in B.C. public and independent schools.

An Overview of the FRIENDS Program in B.C. Schools

FRIENDS aligns with B.C. curriculum, providing teachers with a valuable framework for addressing thinking, communication and personal and social competencies.

All three program levels available to B.C. schools promote resilience by providing students with the tools to manage difficult situations and stress:

Fun FRIENDS (Kindergarten and Grade 1) is a 12-week play-based curriculum that introduces young children to ideas about feelings, how to face fears, relax, solve problems, and set goals.

FRIENDS for Life (Grade 4 and 5) provides children with hands-on experience exploring feelings, communication, relaxation, self-talk, problem solving, goal setting and being a good friend. 

My FRIENDS Youth (Grade 6 and 7) focuses on self-awareness, communication skills, conflict resolution and character development through individual, small and large group activities.

Teacher Training & Resources

Completion of a one-day training session is required in order to use the program. Training is available to teachers, school counsellors and other educators who work in B.C. schools and are committed to delivering FRIENDS to all students in the classroom – so that everyone can benefit.

Training sessions, program materials and student workbooks are provided at no cost.

Registration: Speak to your school/district liaison about FRIENDS training and how to register. If you do not know the name of your liaison, please email BC FRIENDS.


Every B.C. school district and participating independent school has a FRIENDS liaison who works closely with the BC FRIENDS team and can help you:

  • Request, host and coordinate training sessions
  • Order and distribute workbooks for trained teachers.

Find more details about this role:

Contact your school district's FRIENDS liaison to learn more about the program locally. If you don’t know the name of your liaison, email BC FRIENDS.