Child & Teen Health

Access online information and services to help manage the health of your baby, child, or teen:

HealthyFamilies BC

An online resource for health and wellness information to help you raise a healthy family.

Assistance for Low Income Families

The Healthy Kids Program can help with basic dental care and prescription eyewear costs for your child or teen (under 19 years of age).   If you receive Medical Services Plan premium assistance, you may be eligible for this program.

Related Resources

Healthy Families BC
An online resource for health and wellness information

Child Health Passport
Allows parents to plan and record their child’s vaccinations.

HealthLink BC
Provides useful information and links to resources on immunization.

Aging Out of Foster Care in BC?

Preparing to leave foster care can be really exciting and difficult at the same time.

Moving out on your own and becoming an adult also means you will have to begin making more of your own decisions. Learn more about the services and programs there to help empower you during this transition.

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