Food Security

Food security is the foundation for healthy eating and requires a food supply that is stable and sustainable. 

A person is considered food secure if they can access with dignity, healthy food that is affordable, safe, culturally appropriate, and meets their nutritional needs and preferences.

Under the leadership of the Provincial Dietitian, the province is addressing food security by:

  • building partnerships to support healthy living;
  • developing evidence-based best practice resources with partners and stakeholders;
  • developing strategic policy to ensure activities and programs are both effective and aligned with goals; and
  • ensuring accountability for managing resources and monitoring outcomes.


The Ministry supports food security programs at individual, community and population levels to improve access to healthy, safe, culturally acceptable foods.

Community Food Action Initiative (CFAI)

The Community Food Action initiative supports community-led solutions to increase food security for all British Columbians, particularly those living with limited incomes.

Farmers' Market Nutrition Coupon Program

The Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon Program helps lower-income seniors and families, including pregnant women, access locally grown produce and food products.

Food Skills for Families

This hands-on cooking program helps lower-income families learn to select and to prepare healthy food. 


A variety of print and web resources are available to provide information on how communities can increase the access and availability of healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

Harvesting Change in B.C.'s Remote Communities

This online book tells the story of the Produce Availability in Remote Communities Initiative that helped to make more vegetables and fruits available in 24 remote B.C. communities.

Local Leaders Harvesting Change Toolkit

A toolkit for local governments to help remote communities enjoy fruits and vegetables.

Produce Handling Guidelines Poster

A poster designed for freight carriers that shows how to maximize the quality and shelf life of produce.

Farm to Cafeteria: B.C. Communities Share Paths to Success

This resource provides an overview of key Farm to Cafeteria concepts and models. It illustrates Farm to School, Farm to Campus, and Farm to Hospital programs in five urban, rural, remote, and aboriginal B.C. communities.

The Produce Preservation Program

This resource offers workshops and resources to teach people how to safely preserve fruits and vegetables for year round enjoyment.  

B.C. Food Security Gateway

This one-stop web resource provides information and resources for  those who want to make “healthy eating the easy choice” and build food-secure communities.