Drug Review Process

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Drug Review Process

Before PharmaCare can consider covering a drug, it must receive and review a request for coverage from the manufacturer. The drug is then submitted to the Drug Benefit Council (DBC) for an evidence-based recommendation on whether to include the drug on the PharmaCare formulary.

After the DBC’s recommendation is received, PharmaCare considers:

  • the DBC recommendation,
  • PharmaCare policy and plans for this type of drug,
  • other Ministry programs, and
  • whether PharmaCare has the resources to cover the cost of the drug based on information provided by Health economists who determine the cost of covering the drug over time and its potential impact on the health care system).
  • Drug Review Process in B.C. – Overview (PDF)
  • Drug Review Process in B.C. Detailed (PDF)

Drug Review Results

For information on the results of PharmaCare drug coverage decisions, see our Drug Review Results search.

Clinician Input into PharmaCare Drug Coverage Decisions

BC PharmaCare welcomes clinician input about drugs under review. Clinicians can contribute their clinical practice expertise to the drug review process (PDF) in the form of clinical practice reviewer reports. These reports inform BC PharmaCare drug coverage decisions.

Learn how you can give clinical practice reviewer input.

Public Input into PharmaCare Drug Decisions

Your Voice provides a platform for patients, caregivers, and patient groups to provide input to B.C.’s drug review process (PDF). It is part of PharmaCare’s commitment to give British Columbians a chance to share their perspectives on drug decisions that affect them.

Learn how you can give your input.

Drug Decision Summaries & Evidence Reports

PharmaCare publishes Drug Decision Summaries, Clinical Evidence Reports and Pharmacoeconomic Evidence Reports for some of the drugs it has reviewed and considered covering.

Your Voice – Drug Review Input

General Practitioners & Specialists

Join Our Clinician Roster

Are you interested in participating in the Drug Review Process as a clinical practice reviewer?
Submit your name, contact information, areas of specialization, expertise and/or medical practice interest to DrugReviewProcess@gov.bc.ca.
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