Initiating an Engagement

“All Ministries must now obtain GCPE approval for any new online development activities including the launch of new citizen engagement initiatives and will be required to adopt corporate technologies as well as following corporate approaches and standards….As with any material prepared for public consumption, Ministries must proactively engage GCPE for approval before any new online project can be initiated, and GCPE must review and sign off the final project before launch.”

Message from Athana Mentzelopoulos, former DM of GCPE to all Deputy Ministers in 2013

Previously, ministries could initiate their own citizen engagement activities with advice from the Citizen Engagement Team; however, the government now takes a more coordinated approach to citizen engagement to ensure that all initiatives:

  • Are accessible and available to all citizens;
  • Are recognized as a trusted and reliable source of information;
  • Provide a consistent, citizen-centric user experience; 
  • Eliminate redundancies and increase efficiency for government; and
  • Are based on quality principles learned through each engagement.

An important difference to note is that ministries must now partner with the Citizen Engagement Team, as well as their ministry’s respective GCPE Communications Shop in order to proceed with a public engagement.