CMS Lite Topic Template

The Topic Template consists of tabs and components used to create all the elements of a web page, along with action buttons to save, preview and publish content to the Production web server and check links on the page.

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Content Pane tabs and action buttons

  • The 'floating' Action buttons will move up and down the Content Pane so they are always accessible when you are creating or editing content
  • The 'hyperlink' breadcrumb at the top to the Content Pane allows you to move quickly to a parent page within your security group 
  • The icons on either side to the Page Title indicate what state the page is in

key icon Page is locked by you

lock icon  Page is locked by another user

valid page icon Page has met validation requirements

invalid page icon Page has not met validation requirements

Action Buttons

Action buttons presented on the Content Pane are based on the status of the node. For example, if the page has been previously published and is now locked by another user, the only available actions will be to View QA, Unlock, Publish, Unpublish and View Prod.  If a page has never been published to the Production web server then the Unpublish and View Prod will not display.

When a page is in a state of being published (IN_PROGRESS); Save, Delete and Cancel become unavailable until the job has completed.  Only View QAUnlockPublish, Unpublish and View Prod will be displayed until the job is complete and the content pane is refreshed.

When an action button is invoked it applies to the entire template, not just the tab currently displayed.  Th following describes what will occur:

  • View QA -  opens a browser window to view the content on the secure QA (Quality Assurance) web server. General public cannot see these pages.  A disclaimer will be displayed in a black banner at the top of the browser:  "This is the QA Environment. The content you are viewing is not final and is subject to change"
  • Save - saves the content from all tabs to the database. When the [Save] action is invoked, content editors may include a Modification Reason in the Save dialog box. This will appear above the tabs until the page is published. An  icon will be displayed, to the right of the Modification field, if the Revert Body to Prod action button has been invoked, or Bulk Tagging has been used to modify the page.
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    modification icon
    Hovering over the icon will display one of the following messages:
    • The body of content has been reverted back to Prod
    • Metadata has been applied via Bulk Tagging
  • Lock - locks the page from being edited by another user. The page remains locked until it is published or someone that has security access to the page unlocks the page
  • Unlock - unlocks the page for editing. Do not unlock another editors page without first contacting them.
  • Publish - publishes the single page and invokes a final save of the page to the database.
  • Unpublish - removes the page from the Production web sever; however, it is still accessible within the CMS Lite application and available for viewing in QA
  • View PROD - opens a browser window to the view the last published content to the Production web server. If the page is currently being modified, then QA and Prod will be different
  • Cancel - cancels any modifications made to the page since the last time the [Save] action was invoked
  • Delete - removes the content from all servers, the database and the CMS Lite application
  • Link Checker Report - checks the accuracy of links on the QA version of a page. Read the Link Checker Reports Details for more information
  • Revert Body to Prod - once a page has been submitted to the Production web server and has subsequently been modified and saved, this new action button will be displayed.  Choose this action to revert the Body text to what is currently in Production.  No other fields will be reverted. 
    Revert to Prod action button

Content Tabs

The following components (tabs) are used to develop a web page:

1 Body and Metadata must be completed before a page can be published

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components used to create a government topic page with image map links