CMS Lite Banner

When a content editor is provided access to the CMS Lite they will be added to a specific security group which will allow them to manage pages and assets for their program area.  The access they are granted will define what menu items are displayed in the Banner.

When applicable, alert messages will be displayed above the banner.

CMS Lite banner

The upper portion of the banner displays the following:

  • Release number - each time Corporate Online Services (COS) makes updates to the CMS Lite, a new release number will appear next to the application name and Release Notes will be posted under the Help menu item
  • Site Name - if the licensed user has access to more than one site (for example:  Province of British Columbia [Gov 2.0] and an internal intranet site), they can switch sites from the drop-down menu
  • IDIR username - current licensed user logged into the application

Menu item links provide access to the following:

  • Content - all content within a user's security group is displayed
  • Assets - all assets within a user's security group is displayed
  • Enhanced Search (secure access)
  • Taxonomy (secure access)
  • Tags (secure access)
  • Groups - COS access only
  • Users - COS access only
  • Admin - COS access only
  • Help
    • CMS Lite Online Manual - detailed help for managing content
    • CMS Lite Videos - short videos focusing on specific elements of the CMS Lite
    • Release Notes - provides details of new enhancements or fixes to the CMS Lite
    • Visual Design Guide - use standards for images and videos on the B.C. government website
    • Web Style Guide - formatting standards for content  on the B.C. government website
  • Logout1

As you navigate from one menu item to another, the current menu item will appear in white.  When you click on a menu item, a refreshed screen of that item will be displayed.  For example, if you are on the Content screen and click on the Home link, the home screen will be redisplayed with an updated Content/Asset display if any changes have been made to content.

You may choose to right-click on a menu item, to "Open link in a new tab".  This allows you to move back and forth between tabs without the screen refreshing each time.  It is important to remember when you invoke the Logout function from any screen the entire session will be closed.

1When the Logout link is invoked, the Logoff web page is displayed with a link to Return to CMSLite Login.

logoff screen