CMS Lite Manual

This manual has been developed for content editors who use CMS Lite, the Province of B.C.'s web-based content management system used to create and other related sites.

The CMS Lite Overview provides a summary to help get new users acquainted with the system.

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The CMS Lite home screen is designed to provide content editors with quick and easy access to all the functionality required to create, edit and publish pages. The home screen consists of four sections, each providing immediate access to a variety of content related actions.

  1. Banner
  2. Open Page by URL or ID
  3. Content/Asset Status Pane
  4. Workflow Status Pane

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 CMS Lite home page with image map links

The CMS Lite interface utilizes action buttons and drop-down menus to manage and filter content.  Item Control bars throughout the interface allow for panes to be collapsed and expanded to maximize screen usage.

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elements on the home page

Learn more about the user interface.

Access CMS Lite

Siteminder logon screen

Open using Chrome or Firefox.  Enter your IDIR credentials and click [Continue] to launch the CMS Lite application.  The first time you log into the application you will be presented with the CMS Lite Terms of Use



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