Web Content & Development Guides

Web content and development guides are intended to improve government services by promoting consistent, appropriate management and administration of B.C. government websites and applications.

Search Web Content & Development Guides

Developers and content authors of any B.C. government web property should refer to these guides to ensure they provide a consistent user experience while providing equitable access to stakeholders, businesses and citizens.

The guides have been developed through cross-government authoritative groups, such as the:

  • Internet Advisory Committee (IAC)
  • Information Architecture Advisory Group (IAAG)
  • Content Design and Writing Group (CDAWG)

Writing for the Web

B.C. government standards and guidelines for developing, writing, and formatting web content and graphics for website or application development. Writing for the Web includes the Plain Language Guide; Content Development Guide; Web Style Guide; Visual Design Guide and Web Standards.

Developer's Guide

Provides direction for approved web site or application development for rendering instructions and guidance for B.C. government corporate online style implementation.

CMS Lite User's Manual

The official manual for CMS Lite for use by content editors and authors who create content for gov.bc.ca.

Enhanced Search Manual

For content editors who use the Enhanced Search application to create search instances for www2.gov.bc.ca.



Web Guides

Standards, guides, applications, and governance information for new and existing B.C. government web properties. 

Learn how to create better content, navigate web approval processes, and deliver the information and tools your audience needs online.

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