Administrative Records Classification System (Schedule 100001)

Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS) is an integrated records classification and scheduling tool that is used to classify, file, retrieve and dispose of administrative records. It identifies, describes and provides a timetable that governs the life span of administrative records by administrative functions:

The records schedules incorporated into ARCS ensure that all administrative records are retained for sufficient periods of time in order to meet the legal, operational, audit, fiscal or other requirements of government.  A records schedule identifies those records that have enduring values and provides for their transfer to the government archives.  Records schedules also provide for the timely destruction of routine administrative records when they are no longer required to support the government's administrative functions.

Administrative Records

Administrative records are common to all offices and are distinct from operational records. Administrative records support functions such as the management of facilities, property, materiel, finance, personnel, and information systems. Administrative records also relate to common management functions such as committee activities, agreement development, contract management, information services and obtaining legal opinions. Although considered to be administrative, these records often are associated with operational functions (for example, a committee may serve an operational function).  In the B.C. Government, administrative records are classified and scheduled according to ARCS.

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Operational Records

The Operational Records Classification Systems (ORCS) provides a timetable that governs the life span of operational records that support your organization to carry out operation and service functions you're responsible for according to statute, mandate, or policy.
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