Two-Page, Short-Form Request for Proposals (SRFP)

Welcome to the resource portal for information about the two-page, short-form Request for Proposals (SRFP). Whether you are a supplier, buyer, or information seeker, this page will direct you to resources available that describe when to use the SRFP and how to use it.

For Vendors Responding to SRFPs

If you are a supplier or vendor who wishes to respond to a short-form RFP, please visit the SRFP for Vendors page to access to the following resources:

  • Where to find SRFPs that are currently available?
  • How do I respond to an SRFP?
  • What kinds of opportunities use an SRFP?
  • Components of an SRFP, including Rules: Terms and Conditions
  • Other Frequently Asked Questions


For Buyers Using the SRFP

If you are a buyer who wishes to use to a short-form RFP, please visit the SRFP for Buyers page to access the following resources:

  • Scope – When to use the SRFP
  • Process – How to use the SRFP
  • Templates – Intro to SRFP tools
  • SRFP Introductory Webinar (available soon)


For Information about the SRFP

If you wish to learn more about the short-form RFP, please visit the SRFP FAQ page to access to the following resources:

  • What is an SRFP?
  • Who can use the SRFP?
  • Why did government create the SRFP?
  • What's unique about the SRP?

Contact Information

For additional information about the SRFP, please contact the Strategic Business and Procurement Transformation Branch:

563 Superior Street Victoria BC V8V 1T7
PO Box 9476, Stn Prov Gov Victoria BC V8W 9W6
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