Procurement Community of Practice

The Procurement Community of Practice (PCoP) is a forum for all government and public sector staff engaged in procurement and/or contract management, to openly and respectfully share and exchange information, knowledge, expertise, advice and ideas relating to procurement and contracting processes.

Members participate in the PCoP to contribute to and benefit from good procurement and contracting practices across the Province and the broader public sector, through problem solving, innovation, capacity development, the introduction of new strategies and initiatives, and other priorities. 

Members benefit by receiving:

  • Eight webinars per year on pertinent topics
  • A subscription to the "Buyer Flyer", the PCoP's quarterly newsletter
  • Notification of training opportunities

How do you join?

Procurement Community of Practice

Procurement Community of Practice

Who should join? Anyone who:

  • purchases professionally
  • purchases occassionally
  • makes travel arrangements
  • buys supplies
  • uses Corporate Supply Arrangements
  • manages contracts
  • pays for procurements
  • uses a purchase card
  • just wants to learn more about procurement
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