Concrete Barriers (Curbing)

These concrete barriers are precast reinforced concrete roadside barriers such as found in the use of highway construction

Who can buy from this supply arrangement?

This supply arrangement is available to:

  • B.C. government ministries

What can I buy?

Concrete barriers constructed with pre-cast concrete which conform to all specifications in section 941 of the Ministry of Transportation Standard Specifications for Highway Construction

What do I need to know?

The supplier may have other services available however only services outlined on the linked price list offered by the supplier are available on this supply arrangement.  Other services offered by the supplier would need to be obtained in accordance with B.C. Government procurement policy.

How do I access these services?

  • Contact the supplier directly. Supplier contact information is listed below

How much does it cost?

  • Cost is dependent upon the product purchased
  • Click on the pricing link beside the supplier contact information for pricing/schedule B

Have any questions?

List of vendors/suppliers

Lower Mainland and B.C. Interior


Eagle West Truck & Crane Inc.
2190 Carpenter Street  V2T 6B3

contact: Steve Anema

mobile:  604 626-2244
toll-free:  800 667-2215
fax:  866 421-4421

Pricing/Schedule B



Tri-Kon Precast Concrete Products Ltd.
601 Patterson Street West
PO Box 491  V1C 4J1

contact: Chris Kostiuk

phone:  250 426-8162
fax:  250 489-4013

Pricing/Schedule B



Kemp Concrete Products
1161a Chief Louis Way  V2J 1J8

contact: Patrick Halowski

phone:   250 374-1552
fax:  250 372-5786

Pricing/Schedule B



Kon Kast Products (2005) Ltd.
1313 Innovation Drive  V1V 3B3

contact:  Jim Stowell

phone:  250 765-1423
fax:  250 765-0820

Pricing/Schedule B



Coast Range Concrete Ltd.
1011 Hwy 99N
Box 376   V0K 1V0

contact: Steve McCabe

phone: 250 256-7803 (Lillooet)
phone: 250 475-6521 (Cache Creek)

Pricing/Schedule B



Lock-Block Ltd.
13171 Mitchell Road  V6V 1M7

contact: Brent Wallace

phone:  604 325-9161
fax:  604 325-3124

Pricing/Schedule B



Skeena Concrete Products Ltd.
3751 Old Lakelse Lake Drive  V8G 5P4

contact: Harry Eichhorst

phone: 250 635-3936
fax: 250 635-4171

Pricing/Schedule B


Williams Lake

Grosso Precast (DBA Northern Vac Services)
PO Box 4514, 4665 Collier Place  V2G 2V5

contact: Chris Lutters

phone:  250 392-3169
fax:  250 392-3176

Pricing/Schedule B


Vancouver Island


Surespan Structures
#3-3721 Drinkwater Road  V9L 6P2              

contact: Matt Delange

phone:  250 748-8888
fax:  250 746-8011

Pricing/Schedule B



Nanaimo Precast Ltd
1941 Trans Canada Hwy  V9X 1R4

contact: Steve Taylor
phone:  250 591-6115

Pricing/Schedule B


Important Information

  • This supply arrangement expires September 30, 2017
  • Orders exceeding $75,000 including PST and freight must be tendered through the Procurement Services Branch.  Email the Procurement Services Branch to reach the commodity manager.
  • *Pricing information is confidential and must not be shared with suppliers
  • **Obtain a copy of the complete terms and conditions applying to this supply arrangement

Contact Information

Email the Procurement Services branch to reach the commodity manager


Telephone: 250 387-7300
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