Corporate Air Travel Discount Programs

Air Canada*

Harbour Air

Pacific Coastal Airlines*


* If you are unable to open the pages at the links above for the Air Canada, Pacific Coastal and WestJet discount programs, then please refer to the following:

  • The Air Canada discount program is available to all ministries and core agencies of the provincial government as well as most B.C. public sector organizations, provided an interested public sector organization has signed a Corporate Supply Arrangement (CSA) Access Agreement with the Province. 

A CSA Access Agreement allows qualified organizations to access any of the CSAs established by the Province that are also eligible to the broader public sector.  Check the CSA Users List to see if your organization holds a CSA Access Agreement.  If your organization is not on this list, contact us to enquire if your organization qualifies and to begin the process.  You do not need to set up a CSA Access Agreement if you are a ministry or core government agency in which case contact the commodity manager of you still cannot view the Air Canada discount program page. Once your organization holds or has signed a CSA Access Agreement, submit your request to the commodity manager to request access to the Air Canada discount program. You do not need to contact the commodity manager if you can view the Air Canada discount program page. This means you are already authorized to access this discount program.

Government Travel Resources

Contact Information

Most information can be obtained by contacting the supplier directly

Contact information below is for the Procurement Services Branch

Telephone: 250 387-7300
Fax: 250 387-7309
PO Box 9476 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria BC V8W 9W6
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