Health Supplements & Programs Rate Table

Updated: April 1, 2010

The asterisk indicates the most recent rate table changes
Supplement Item Maximum Amount
Dental Additional amount that children and adults with the persons with disabilities designation who require anaesthetic in a hospital or private facility may be eligible for

*$1,000 of basic dental treatment per calendar year

Diet supplements Restricted sodium diet $10 per calendar month
Diabetes $35 per calendar month (April 1/07)
Kidney dialysis (when not eligible for kidney dialysis service through Ministry of Health) $30 per calendar month
High protein diet $40 per calendar month, plus $30 towards the purchase of a blender
Gluten-free diet $40 per calendar month
Dysphagia $40 per calendar month, plus $30 towards the purchase of a blender
*Ketogenic diet  *$40 per month
*Phenylalanine diet  *$40 per month
Cystic fibrosis $50 per calendar month
Medical transportation supplement Travel allowance related to vehicle transportation $0.20 per kilometre
Allowance for exceptional cases where circumstances warrant a meal allowance $4 per meal
Monthly Nutritional Supplement Dietary items *Up to $165 per calendar month 
Vitamins or minerals *Up to $40 per calendar month 
Clients receiving less than this amount through appeal awards under Schedule C may apply for the monthly nutritional supplement *$205 per calendar month
Natal supplement Single pregnancy or birth $45 per calendar month
Multiple pregnancy or birth $90 per calendar month
Optical services Eye exam provided by an optometrist $44.83
Eye exam provided by an ophthalmologist $48.90
Extended Medical Therapies Medical Services Plan rate for extensions to acupuncture (April 22, 2008), chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy (April 22, 2008), podiatry and physiotherapy services $23 per visit
Supplement for alcohol and drug treatment Per eligible recipient $500 per calendar year
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