Each year, the B.C. government receives from organizations many requests for proclamations to mark events such as Democracy Day or Cancer Awareness Month.

A provincial proclamation is used by the government to recognize events or occasions held by groups on their own behalf or on behalf of the general public.

Section 29 of the Interpretation Act defines “proclamation” to mean a proclamation of the Lieutenant Governor under the Great Seal issued under an order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

The Attorney General has the authority by OIC 903/2002 to issue provincial proclamations. Approval is required each year or time an event or occasion occurs.

Events or occasions suitable for proclamations are those that:

  • apolitical;
  • observe milestones, recognize achievements or direct attention to a worthy cause; 
  • would not be considered offensive or frivolous by the public.

Requests, including draft wording for the proclamation, should be received at least six weeks before the event or occasion.

Send proclamation requests to:

Order in Council Administration Office
Ministry of Justice
Phone: 250 387-0725