New Residents

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When you first arrive in British Columbia, you need to:

  • Enrol in the provincial health insurance program
  • Get a BC Services Card

Enrol in Provincial Health Insurance

All eligible residents of British Columbia are required to enrol for B.C. health insurance which is called the Medical Services Plan (MSP). 

Get Your BC Services Card

After you are qualified for health insurance, you will receive a notice that explains how to get your BC Services Card.

Your Family

Your entire family - including your spouse and children - are included on your MSP enrolment form. Once your family is qualified for health insurance, you will receive information about how each family member can get a BC Services Card.

Temporary Immigrant Status with MSP

You will receive a Non-Photo BC Services card in the mail once you are qualified for B.C. health insurance.


Why You Need ID

Proving your identity is required for many day-to-day activities like driving, cashing a cheque, or accessing health care services.

Learn why it's important to have ID

Contact Information

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Lost or Stolen Cards

Find out what to do to replace your card.

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