University Endowment Lands Community Information Initiative

Honourable Peter FassbenderMessage from the Minister:

The University Endowment Lands (UEL) is the only part of British Columbia where the provincial government provides local services directly to an urban area. The UEL covers a diverse community of about 4,000 people, some of whom may not be that familiar with the nature and operation of the UEL.

With the UEL’s population forecast to increase just over 60 percent, from 4,000 to 6,500, in the next 10 years through new development, there will be many changes in the community.

In July 2016, I wrote to the UEL’s Community Advisory Council to outline my commitment to sharing with the UEL community some of the facts that have emerged from the Ministry’s work to date. As a result, a series of factsheets have been prepared to provide basic information about present governance, services and financial arrangements in the UEL area. 

Having a shared view among the community about the current nature and operation of the UEL will help ensure that any future conversations about your UEL community are grounded in a common understanding of the community as it is now.

Honourable Peter Fassbender

Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and Minister Responsible for TransLink

大学保留地 (University Endowment Lands): 有关您社区的信息







Honourable Peter Fassbender