Métis Nation Relationship Accord

The bipartite Métis Nation Relationship Accord, signed in 2006 between the Province and Métis Nation B.C., recognizes the Métis people in Canada's development. It also provides the foundation for the goal to close social and economic gaps for Métis people based on mutual respect, responsibility, sharing and collaboration.

The objectives outlined by the Métis Nation Relationship Accord include:

  • Strengthening existing relationships based on mutual respect, responsibility and sharing
  • Improving engagement, coordination, information sharing and collaboration
  • Working toward meeting the commitments of the First Ministers' Meeting on Aboriginal issues as they pertain to Métis people, and their aspirations to close the gap on the quality of life between Métis people and other British Columbians

This Accord sets out objectives to address health (community, family, individual), housing, education (lifelong learning), economic opportunities, collaborative renewal of Métis Tripartite Processes and Métis identification and data collection.

Métis Nation Relationship Accord

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