Advocate for Service Quality

If you are a person with a developmental disability, a teen with special needs entering adulthood or someone supporting a person with a developmental disability, you are encouraged to take a key role in making decisions about your supports and services.

The Advocate for Service Quality can help you to understand government systems and services and ensure your voice is heard.

The Advocate for Service Quality can help you find supports and services offered by:

  • The B.C. government
  • Community Living BC (CLBC)
  • Health Authorities
  • Community agencies, for example, the Family Support Institute

The Advocate, Leanne Dospital, is appointed by, and reports directly to, the minister of the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation.

She can answer questions about how what services might be available, how funding decisions are made, eligibility or how to make a complaint if you don’t:

  • Like the services you are getting
  • Think you are being treated fairly or with respect
  • Agree with a decision that was made

This service is free.

Teens with Special Needs

The Advocate can help teens with special needs understand what services and supports are available to them as they approach adulthood.

Review & Recommendations

Read the Advocate for Service Quality Review and Recommendations (PDF) and find out how, based on consultation with individuals and their families, the Advocate’s role is being enhanced to better support people with developmental disabilities and teens with special needs.

Contact Information

Contact us if you have questions about the services provided by the Advocate.

Vancouver: 604 775-1238

Victoria Enquiry BC: 250 387-6121

Enquiry BC: 1 800-663-7867

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