Child Day Care Legislation & Standards of Practice

Child day care may be licensed or unlicensed. If care is provided to 3 or more children a licence is required.

Licensed child day care programs include:

  • group care
    • 30 months to 5 years
    • under 36 months;
    • school age;
    • preschool;
  • family child care;
  • multi-age child care;
  • in-home multi-age child care;
  • occasional child care; and
  • child-minding.

Health Authority Community Care Facility Licensing Programs issue licences and inspect licensed child day care programs.  They also investigate complaints about a facility's care, supervision and safety.

Unlicensed child day care arrangements are made between the parents and a caregiver, such as a neighbour, relative or friend. Unlicensed child day cares are not required to meet the provincial regulations and are not inspected by health authorities. Unlicensed child day care may provide care for only 1 or 2 children.  It is up to parents to research and monitor their unlicensed child care arrangements.

Legislation & Standards of Practice

Licensed child day care programs must follow the Child Care Licensing Regulation and Standards of Practice which outline staff qualifications and ratios, play space safety, programming, record keeping, guidance and discipline, and health and hygiene rules.

July 2016

Regulation changes have been made to address minor housekeeping issues, to align with strategic priorities of Government, to keep current with issues in the care field, and to reduce regulatory burden, so long as health and safety of persons in care are not negatively impacted.

OIC No. 526




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