B.C.'s Wildlife Health Program

The goal of the B.C. Wildlife Health Program is to better understand factors that afftect the health of B.C.'s wild animals. To do this, we monitor diseases and parasites and how they affect animal populations over time and with environmental changes. We prioritize several diseases that can affect wildlife, dometic animals, humans and the economy.

  • Learn about Wildlife Health Matters, one of our approaches to learning about and managing wildlife health in B.C.

B.C.’s Wildlife Health Program also

  • Cooperates with and provides advice to the public, First Nations communities, interest groups and non-governmental agencies, other government agencies and researchers locally, nationally and internationally on issues related to wild animal care, wildlife conservation, wildlife domestic animal and human health and their interactions.
  • Provides technical information, support and field assistance to communities, species at risk recovery programs, other wildlife professionals, and conservation, hunter and trapper groups.