Reporting Industrial Emissions

Reliable and timely emissions data is essential to an effective greenhouse gas emission reduction program.

Facilities in B.C. that emit 10,000 tonnes or more of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions per year are required to report their greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, operations with emissions of 25,000 tonnes or greater are required to have their emission reports verified by a third party. Verification helps provide confidence in the accuracy and consistency of reported emissions data.

The Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting Regulation provides the statutory framework for operations reporting emissions for the 2016 reporting year.

Process Steps

The flow chart below outlines the process steps for preparing and filing a report. Click on the appropriate step for more information, or use the navigational menu to the left.

Industrial Reporting Process Steps

Important Updates

Verification statements for an emission report are due May 31 for the previous reporting year.

Single Window Reporting System

Reporting system is currently open for submissions.

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