Liquefied Natural Gas: Greenhouse Gas Information


Liquefied natural gas is part of a global climate solution when used to displace other fossil fuels such as coal, but making LNG is an energy and carbon emissions intensive process. B.C. plans to capture the economic and environmental benefits of LNG, and at the same time manage the potential carbon emissions in a way that is consistent with B.C.’s international leadership on climate action. In order to confirm that B.C.’s approach to LNG carbon management maintains the Province’s climate leadership, the Ministry of Environment commissioned a series of studies of the global LNG supply-and-demand system.

Together, these studies confirm that the greenhouse gas emissions cap we have placed on our LNG facilities will make British Columbia’s the cleanest in the world.

Environmental Incentive Program

B.C. requires LNG operations to achieve a GHG emissions intensity benchmark lower than any other LNG export facility in the world. To support investment in such advanced technology, the government has introduced an LNG Environmental Incentive Program.

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