The Green Economy


When we reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and enhance carbon sinks (e.g., forests, soil and ocean) that remove carbon dioxide and other GHGs from the atmosphere, this is considered mitigation of climate change. Mitigative actions are expected to slow the rate and extent of climate change.

British Columbia's Climate Action Plan plays a key role in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, the government is taking focused action to support reductions in each of the Province’s major economic sectors.

What is the Green Economy?

B.C.'s Green Economy is any economic activity that grows our economy and creates jobs, while also preserving or enhancing our environment. It is not separate from our economy at large, but rather a growing trend of activities across all of B.C.’s most important sectors.

A key element of our climate leadership is the ability to grow our economy and provide jobs for B.C. families, while also promoting policies that encourage clean technology innovation and environmental sustainability.

By supporting our green economy, we will grow the green jobs of the future. Using the best new technologies here in B.C. means our foundational industries are gaining a competitive edge that only clean tech can provide, while continuing to export its innovations around the globe to help businesses save money and the environment.

B.C. has continued its global leadership by implementing policies that support job growth, innovation and environmental sustainability. From world-leading water and land management practices, to continuing to find ways to improve our air quality, developing innovative ways to protect jobs and the environment is one of B.C.’s greatest opportunities. Initiatives like Carbon Neutral Government demonstrate leadership in renewable energy, green building design, clean transportation, water management, and waste and pollution control.

British Columbia has both the opportunity and the obligation to share its innovations with the world, and that means a greater – and greener – future for all.

BC Green Economy Reports

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