Building International Partnerships

Tackling global climate change will require all countries and communities to take strong action to reduce emissions and transition to clean economies. As we work to manage emissions, global demand for climate solutions will continue to grow.

B.C. is  contributing to direct reductions, and significantly contributing to global change by leveraging the province’s climate successes. These successes include carbon pricing, technology and innovation and low carbon energy, which serve as a model for others around the world to follow while continuing to grow economic opportunities here at home. Encouraging our trading partners to adopt similar policies builds global climate action momentum while combatting potential competitive issues for our businesses and industry.

B.C.’s carbon tax continues to be a world-leading example of a strong climate mitigation tool that helps to build an economy that thrives in a carbon-constrained world. Other governments are learning from the success achieved in B.C., including our public sector which has been carbon neutral since 2010.  

To build on B.C.’s experience and leadership,and to drive further action, B.C. is working collaboratively with leading climate change organizations, building new partnerships around the globe.

  • B.C. participates at United Nations climate negotiations as part of Canada’s delegation. Here the Province engages in discussion around important climate issues and demonstrates policy successes. 
  • B.C. supports strong climate action at the national level, and is working closely with federal, provincial and territorial partners on a national climate change strategy.
  • As part of the Pacific Coast Collaborative and “Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy”, B.C. is partnering with Washington, Oregon and California to develop and adopt climate change and energy strategies such as carbon pricing, low-carbon fuels, adaptation and ocean acidification – for the 53 million people living on the West Coast of North America.
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