How to Apply

Please follow these steps:

1. Learn about the program:

Download the program guide for the third application intake period. Review the guide carefully to determine if the Rural Dividend is the best funding source for your proposed project. 

For any questions regarding the program please the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the program office. 

2. Confirm your eligibility to apply:

Confirm you are an eligible applicant, and that your proposed project is in support of an eligible community. Consider your ability to develop the project, complete the application form, and submit all required application materials by the intake deadline.

3. Complete the online application form:

The online form streamlines the application process for all applicants. It will also provide a simpler, shorter version for applicants to the project development funding stream.

Please note that some components of the online application (i.e. council/board resolution) may require additional time and planning to complete. 

4. Complete the mandatory supporting documentation:

Each application must include the following mandatory supporting documentation, which will be submitted through the online application form:

  • Financial statements: Please see the program guide for a description of the required financial statements.
  • Articles of Incorporation: Only required for not-for-profit applicants and First Nations Corporations.
  • Partnership letters: Only required for applicants to the partnership funding stream. Letters must confirm the partner's role and commitment to the project.
  • Budget: All applicants must complete the program budget template. 
  • Resolution: All applicants must complete a Council/Organization resolution (included in the application form).

Failure to submit the mandatory supporting documentation will result in the ineligibility of the application. 

5. Determine which optional supporting documentation should be included:

In addition to the mandatory supporting documentation, it is recommended that you include optional supporting documentation with your application. Suggestions include:

  • Indications of community support: Letters, references, or details of consultation to show community support for the project. Indications of community support will only be accepted from stakeholder organizations or community leaders in their professional capacity (i.e. chamber of commerce, mayor, or community development organization). 
  • Approved financial plan developed and approved by the community/organization. 
  • Quotes you have obtained from vendors or contractors to support your project budget.
  • Other materials such as business plans or feasibility studies that support your project.

Please do not provide any personal identifiers or third-party personal information (i.e. talk about others) in applications or supporting documents.

6. Submit 

All documentation will be submitted through the online application form. Applicants will not be able to submit if mandatory documents are not uploaded.

Your complete application package must be received by midnight PDT on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. Applicants will not be able to submit applications through the online application system past the identified deadline.