Aboriginal Business and Investment Council

The Aboriginal Business and Investment Council (ABIC) works with First Nations, Aboriginal communities and the private sector to make recommendations to government on strategies to improve Aboriginal peoples' participation in the economy, foster economic development in Aboriginal communities, and increase overall investment in the province.

The Council's major strategic objectives are to advance Aboriginal peoples' participation in the economy by:

  • Providing investors with the tools they need to engage and partner with B.C. First Nations and Aboriginal people.
  • Providing expert advice on First Nations and Aboriginal economic development policy.
  • Developing relationships between Aboriginal communities, industry and government to implement practical measures for economic development.

The ABIC board is made up of 13 representatives, including the chair, from business and Aboriginal communities. ABIC members have been selected for their understanding of business, Aboriginal cultures, relationship building and successful business models.

Council Members


The Council works to develop B.C.’s Aboriginal communities through strategies that will increase First Nations participation in the economy, promote successful investment models between Aboriginals and the private sector, foster economic development, and increase overall investment in B.C.

Aboriginal Economic Development Data

First Nations Industry

A collection of Aboriginal economic development data initiatives in B.C. (formerly First Nations Economic Development Database). This data provides information about economic activity initiated by B.C. Aboriginal Peoples and First Nations.

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