Make Corrections

We all make mistakes. Here’s what to do when you make an error with an online filing.

Spelling Errors and Typos

Complete a correction form and mail to the address on the form.

Correction filings will show in the society's filing history and on the public search and reflect an error occurred and was corrected.

Comments are added beside the

  • Original filing, stating that it has been corrected
  • Correction filing, indicating which filing has been corrected

Constitution or Bylaws – Correcting spelling errors or typos will not create a new constitution or bylaws. The correction shows in the filing history.

Note: Filing a correction is not the same as filing a change.

Directors’ or Registered Office Information – Spelling error and typo corrections to the name or address of a current director, or to the current registered office address, will be updated and a new Statement of Directors and Registered Office produced.

If the correction is not to the most current directors or registered office address, a comment will be entered beside the original filing to show what should have been filed.

Note: Filing a correction is not the same as filing a change of director, director’s address or registered office address.

Bylaw Errors

For spelling errors and typos, see above.

Submit a bylaw alteration application through Societies Online if you have:

  • Uploaded the wrong set of bylaws
  • Included an incorrect bylaw
  • Missed including a bylaw

Choose “Change to Bylaws” from the filing menu on your society’s dashboard to start the application. Be sure to review the uploaded bylaw file before completing the filing to make sure the bylaws are correct and the correct file is uploaded.

A certified copy of the new set of bylaws will be produced once the bylaw alteration application is filed.

Note: A special resolution is required to authorize bylaw alteration filings.

Errors in Society's Name or Purposes

To make a correction to the society’s name or purposes (other than a typo or spelling error-see above), file a constitution alteration application through Societies Online.  A certified copy of the new constitution will be produced once the constitution alteration application is filed.

Choose the appropriate item from the filing menu (for example “Change of Purposes”) on your society’s dashboard to start the application.

Note: A special resolution is required to authorize constitution alteration filings .

A Matter of Public Record

Corrections and other records filed with the Corporate Registry may be accessed by the general public.

Need Help?

Contact Information

Questions? Registry phone lines are open Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Pacific Time.

Telephone: Within Canada & USA: 1 877 526-1526
Outside of Canada & USA: 1 250 387-7848
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