Continuing a Company Out of B.C.

A company incorporated in B.C. must apply to receive authorization to continue business operations outside of B.C.

Note:  The Business Corporations Act prohibits community contribution companies from continuing out of B.C.

Step 1: Confirm Good Standing

Before authorization to continue a company outside of B.C. can be given, the company must be in good standing. This means the company has kept up to date with annual report filings and has met the requirement for the number of directors.

If your company has outstanding filings, these may be submitted through Corporate Online. When using Corporate Online you can pay by credit card.  You can also file through BC OnLine if you are an account holder. 

If you cannot file electronically, prepare the paper forms and contact a law firm or registry agent to submit the forms for you. Check with the law firm or registry agent regarding additional fees.

Step 2: Submit an Application

Once your company is in good standing, complete an Application for Authorization to Continue Out form and submit it along with the filing fee to us at BC Registries and Online Services.

Make your cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance.

Include the name and address of the person who is to receive the letter of authorization issued by the registrar.

The authorization expires six months after the date the letter of authorization is issued.

Note:  Under Section 310 of the Act, a company must not continue out to another jurisdiction unless the laws of that jurisdiction provide, in effect, for the provisions listed in item D of the Application for Authorization to Continue Out form.

Step 3: File Confirmation of Continuation

Once your company has continued into the new jurisdiction, file a copy of the record issued by the foreign jurisdiction as soon as possible to confirm the continuation. There is no fee for filing this document.

If you cannot file the application electronically, prepare the paper forms and contact a law firm or registry agent to submit the forms for you. Check with the law firm or registry agent regarding their fees.

Once the record has been filed, we will publish a notice that the company has continued out of the province under the Corporate Registry notices on the BC Laws website.

New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA)

If you are continuing your company into Alberta or Saskatchewan, the New West Partnership Trade Agreement eliminates the need for multiple registrations and reporting requirements across B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan by streamlining regulatory requirements to start and operate a business, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships and cooperative associations.

If the BC Company that is continuing out of BC is currently registered in Alberta or Saskatchewan you will need to update jurisdiction information in those provinces once the continuation is complete.

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