Liquor Law & Policy

These pages provide information regarding provincial legislation, regulations, policies as well as other useful information.

  • Legislation & Regulation - Links to the legislation and regulation that governs various aspects of liquor licensing, regulation, distribution, and possession
  • Terms & Conditions - Licence-specific rules for licensees and permittees
  • Miscellaneous Policy Manual (PDF, 4.3 MB) - A policy manual covering topics such as liquor delivery, non-profit liquor clubs, ethyl alcohol, non-beverage alcohol, charitable auctions, and isolated sports & recreation lodges
  • Policy Directives - Archive of policy changes and announcements
  • Liquor Advertising - Information regarding the advertising of liquor
  • Public Information - Common questions regarding liquor establishments and liquor service in B.C.
  • Other Relevant Laws - Information on other agencies with rules that impact the liquor industry
  • Glossary - Common terminology used by the Branch
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