Health, Safety, & Server Training

The government promotes the safe consumption of liquor by

  • Providing resources on responsible consumption
  • Making sure that everyone responsible for liquor service has the necessary skills to do so safely
  • Seizing liquor from individuals and establishments when necessary
  • Inspecting establishments to ensure they are not contravening the terms and conditions of their licence
  • Penalizing establishments that are putting patrons at risk, or negatively impacting their community

As of April 2015, all licensed establishments and liquor retail stores that sell or serve liquor to the public are required to display at least one social responsibility material in a prominent area.  Mandatory social responsibility posters are available upon request or can be found under Signs.

What is Alcohol Sense?

Alcohol Sense is the first educational campaign for mandatory display under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act amendment. Alcohol Sense is a comprehensive new resource to provide information about responsible alcohol use. The site will provide information and tools to give parents the tools they need to guide their children towards healthy decisions about alcohol use. For more information, visit the online resources at

Alcohol Sense is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Health, the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch, the Liquor Distribution Branch, and the Centre for Addictions Research of BC.

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