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Experience French language and culture – learn the language, study in French or find out about exchange programs, bursaries and program funding.

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Learn in French

There’s a wide variety of French language learning opportunities available to both francophone and non-francophone students. Options range from developing basic language skills to studying entirely in French. Find out which program is best for you.

Francophone Education: Programs designed for students whose first language is French. Instruction for all courses is offered in French.

French Immersion: A program for non-francophone students to become bilingual. Basic curriculum instruction is provided entirely in French during the first years, with English-language instruction added gradually. Late immersion programs are also available.

Core French: From Grades 5 to 8, all students in B.C. are required to have second language instruction - Core French is taught at several schools. These courses help students communicate in French and experience francophone cultures.

French Language Exchanges

Bursary programs are available to provide students with more French-language learning opportunities.

Destination Clic (Grades 8 & 9): Francophone students who are in Grade 8 or 9 can use this bursary for enrolling in a three-week French course in a francophone region of Canada. Room, board and tuition expenses are covered.

B.C. / Quebec Exchange (Grades 10 & 11): As part of this exchange program, students from Quebec live with B.C. families for three months and attend high school here. Later in the year, students from B.C. live with Quebec families for three months and attend Quebec schools. French immersion or francophone students in Grades 10 and 11 can apply for this program through participating schools. A successful completion letter is required for credit towards graduation.

Explore (Grades 11 & 12 and Post-secondary): The Explore bursary covers room, board and tuition for full-time students enrolling in a five-week French immersion program. Students with Grade 11 or higher can apply for the bursary. Students who successfully complete this exchange may use it as credit for graduation or post-secondary credit.

Study Fellowship (Post-Secondary): This unique study opportunity is designed to support students entering a full-time post-secondary program offered in French at a francophone or bilingual institution for one academic year.

Odyssey (Minimum One Year of Post-Secondary): This program offers full-time employment as language assistants in second (official) language classrooms. Applicants must have at least one year of post-secondary education.

Information Sheets for the Offical Languages Programs

For more information on any of these programs, please email the Coordinator of Federal Official Languages Programs

Teach French

Teachers are the key to enriching learning experiences and successful students. Find ways you can continue to grow as a French-language educator.

Teachers in Training Bursary: Students with the goal of training to be a certified teacher who has French as a first language (FFL) or French as a second language (FSL) are invited to apply for this bursary if they're enrolled in a full-time degree program that is in French.

French Teachers’ Bursary: French teachers (current or future) that attend courses for improving their French academic and linguistic qualifications can apply for this bursary. It can help with tuition, transportation and living expenses for immersion courses and tuition for courses taken for credit.

Teaching Tools & Support: Find useful tools and information designed to support educator development and course delivery.


Federal funding is provided for French programs under the Official Languages in Education Protocol (OLEP).

Conseil scolaire francophone de la C.-B.

The Conseil scolaire francophone is a public school board that offers educational programs and services specifically designed to support francophone students in B.C.

Graduate in French