Compliance Program

The Compliance Program supports the ministry's efforts to provide accurate funding to boards of education and independent school authorities.

Goals and objectives

  • To provide assurance to the ministry and school boards, and independent school authorities that ministry requirements are being followed
  • To promote compliance with ministry funding directives
  • To support the accurate allocation of education funds based on the funding formula

Major program activities

Conducting audits and reviews in the following areas:

  • K-12 Regular Enrolment
    (including English Language Learning and Aboriginal Education)
  • Continuing Education Enrolment
  • Special Education
  • Distributed Learning Enrolment
  • Summer Learning

Annual School Year Audit Notifications, Compliance Audit Procedures, and Compliance Audit Reports

Contact Information

Joanne Armstrong
Compliance Program Lead
School District Financial Reporting Unit
Resource Management and Corporate Services Division

Telephone: 250-356-2789
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