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The 2016/17 school year begins with the launch of the official redesigned K–9 curriculum. For more information about the redesigned K–9 curriculum, frequently asked questions, course codes, and more, see:

How independent schools will demonstrate curricular compliance:

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Distributed Learning

Special Education

Independent schools claim special needs categories on Form 1701 in September and February of each school year.

To ensure consistency and transparency in communication between school administrators and parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of funded special needs students, an Independent School Forms and Agreements - B.C. Ministry of Education Parent/Guardian Confirmation Form (PDF) is required annually for each student claimed for special education funding or who is on an IEP.


SET-BC services to independent schools are limited to students claimed for supplementary special education funding in Category A, B, C, D, E or G, and the student’s access to the curriculum is restricted by his/her disability.

Schools that have a student(s) who may qualify for SET-BC services must apply by submitting a SET-BC Screening Checklist from FISA BC’s Forms and Applications page. Submission details and contact information are included on the checklist.

ARC-BC (alternate format materials)

External Evaluations